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February 10
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“Cows, I believe, are one of the most curious creatures on Earth,” said Mr. Bull, while he ate a banana next to me on the bench, in the park.

“What about monkeys?” I asked. Mr. Bull laughed and shook his head.

“Monkeys, son, are the most evil creatures on Earth. In fact, they would most likely steal my banana right away from me at the first chance.” I let Mr. Bull’s wisdom sink in as I nodded my head in appreciation of the intelligent things he said. After that he told me of all of his magnificent opinions on all the animals that ever existed, and he gave me very excellent reasons to why he thought so of each. Giraffes, for example, were the kindest creatures on Earth and it’s because they were tall enough to save any unfortunate birds from falling. And goldfish were the most intelligent creatures on Earth and it was because they knew how to forget everything so quickly. Even heartbreak.

I was extremely amazed at the wonderful greatness of Mr. Bull’s mind. He talked with such confidence, ease and lightness that I could not possibly ever doubt the facts he provided me. He also told me how everything was a symbol for everything else and how there are so much metaphors that my mind partially exploded. And then, I believe that I was taken to the hospital straight to the emergency room.

It was worth it. 

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