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Oh, the glamour, the glory, the glow
you must know
it's just a show
and the dresses you wear
and the gems in your hair
are a beauty, so rare
and so drenched in despair.

When you go
sink your feet in the snow
and while the journey is slow
you will let your mind flow
stop addressing 
what's pressing
it's remarkably stressing, you know?

And while you're at it
in that cold little pit
dressed in colorful knit
just get rid of the guilt
and the worries you've built

So excuse me my darling
for writing so loudly
I was just so fed up
that I even stopped rhyming, you know?
On the Random Fancy Girl Who Stood in the Snow
I'm really not sure what this is, but it was a lot of fun to come up with :)
(I feel like I won't be able to stop rhyming now)
You let me heal just to hurt me again
Rebound. Like a punching bag, swinging
back and forth between your ache and my agony.

This time, I want you to leave me long after 
the blood on my bruises has rusted 
the words are simple
they seep through my veins and under my tongue
they swear to never come out.

You seem to forget what it means to be young
with the world flying by you like a lucid dream

There are those nostalgic half-memories, blurred
like starlight photos and burnt film
like the cursive freedom on the inside of your wrist
like the ugly scar of a name that used to matter once
It's wishful thinking to be carefree again.
Carefree Again
It's been a while... Hope you enjoy :)
That your face is blank 
For they are an ocean 
of the salt they drank
of all the raw emotion 
Your eyes are a bank

And it's windows are glass
and it's gates are all ajar
They are green as grass
and sometimes they're very far
in a dream of the past
of the rides in a rusty car
but they pass very fast
they remind you who you are

In your eyes, my reflection
stares at me like a ghost
not your way of seduction
nor the way you look at most
yet you know my every fraction
and you know I shouldn't boast
Below your eyes is a caption 
of the schemes they seem to host

I would smile when they wrinkle
around the edges as you laugh
and they never cease to twinkle
not by a tenth nor by a half
I could swear that it's a miracle 
in those moments, I would die on your behalf

Yet my dear, those eyes won't know
from where I come to where I go
and I'll never think to ask
of all the secrets that they mask
and so my dear, we both can't press
to know what's hidden in a dress
the shape and flow are there to hide
that which we keep secured inside.
Your eyes are the reason
Entry for  "eyes of glass" contest by Calling-All-Poetry.
hope you enjoy :)
Let her wait for you
as you morph your talons
Into the round wheel
when it screeches like the 
wail of a siren 

She was but a dream
a dream within a dream within a dream
another causality of your sins
another passerby given nothing
but promised the world

Let her join all the other moths 
On the street lights
drawn to the one thing that 
could smolder their wings
let her ignite and catch the fire
like salvation

You were the craw who
insisted that her beautiful blue green wings 
We're more so alight and
it might be because when she lit your heart up
it eventually incinerated
and turned into cold ash.
Hope you enjoy. :)
She gazed at Anne's red gown 
at Jenna's deep eyes,
at Elen's luscious hair with
a boiling rage

Now don't get me wrong

she herself, was splendidly alluring but 
never happy
her eyes would glow green at times
and her laughter emerged from others suffering
she could see it roughening them up
Anne's red gown was shredded into pieces 
Jenna's deep eyes could no longer see
and Elen was balding really quickly.
I really think that all types of art are so beautiful and therefore i want to try all kinds of arts, which is why im a "varied hobbyist" i love writing, drawing and painting, though my drawings usually suck for some reason but my paintings are okay...sometimes. i love writing. :)


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